Company Overview
In Recap:
School Violence is on the Rise
After Sandy Hook, more than 400 people have been shot in over 200 school shootings.
Current Solutions Don't Make Sense
They focus on reacting to threats and damage control. Often times, damage has already been done.
Our Solution:
Automated gate-keeping technology that provides real-time monitoring services and proactive threat alerts.
Proactive vs. Reactive
Rather than reacting to events that are already in process, we react to the possibility of a threat, to help schools direct assets to stop it from occurring.
Detects Threats in Real Time
Our technology scans the license plates of all cars that enter campus. If the plate is associated with a threat to the school, our system immediately flags that entry.
Instant Alerts to Security
Once a car that has been identified as a threat has been flagged, the security staff and administration of the school are notified by SMS, email and on PPT's dashboard. School personnel can then take the required action to mitigate the threat.